Casino Rating Lists

There are so many casinos around that the wealth of choice makes your head spin. Which online casino to choose? Which one is safe and trustworthy? Where are the highest chances to win? All these questions are probably swarming in your head. Casino Rating Lists is going to answer all of them. On our list of the best online casinos, you will find the most reputable and gambler-friendly operators.

Criteria We Use to Rank Online Casinos

When compiling our online casino ranking, we rely on indisputable facts only. In other words, we make a comprehensive list of criteria and check our contenders against them. If a certain casino fails to meet our standards, it has no chance to gain a foothold in our ranking.

Here are the things we believe every upstanding casino should provide:

Security and Licensing

When you register, access, and make bets in an online casino, you share lots of personal data with it. It includes your name, location, email address, banking details, and even a phone number. If an online casino doesn’t approach user safety with all seriousness, your personally identifiable information may fall into the culprits’ lap. It goes without saying that casinos must implement all possible means to ensure user safety. They should include encryption, a multi-step verification process, secure servers, etc. Casino Rating Lists carefully checks all essential safety indicators before giving a place in our rating to a particular casino.

In addition, we always make sure that casinos are licensed by regulatory authorities and that they are not involved in fraudulent activities or scandals.

A Large Selection of Casino Games

The wider selection of online games a casino provides, the merrier. Some of the best casinos on our list boast hundreds, if not thousands, of titles. We understand that every user’s needs are unique; therefore, we check free and paid games alike. We are willing to invest money out of our pocket to find out which software casinos utilize, how it works on various digital platforms, which games are available, and if it is possible to play against real people.

The most popular games online casinos provide are:

At the same time, every decent casino endeavors to deliver something one-of-a-kind. We intend to find out what sets them apart from the crowd.

Casino Bonuses

The gambling industry is super competitive meaning every provider comes up with tempting ways to attract more clients. It is your right to make use of bonuses, special propositions, and other benefits casinos have to offer. Virtually every casino delivers a welcome bonus, but its size and conditions of obtaining significantly vary. On top of welcome packages, we consider other types of bonuses including those for VIP clients, special events, refer a friend bonuses, free spins, and others.

In our best casino ranking, casinos with generous bonuses and lenient wagering requirements get the upper hand. Speaking of wagering, we carefully look through casino’s ToS to ensure the promised bonuses aren’t a scam.

Money Matters

There are plenty of online casinos with free games available, and we secured a spot for some of them on our list. Still, if you’d like to spend a few bucks on games, you need to know what’s what in the money transfer department. In particular, you be aware of:

If luck is on your side and money weighs your virtual wallet, you need to be able to withdraw it trouble-free. Unfortunately, casinos have different withdrawal terms, and you should be aware of them before you hit the Join button. In particular, it is useful to know which currencies and withdrawal options are supported, how fast casinos process your winnings, and how many days you have to wait till your money gets to your account.

Here, at, we are willing to help you find answers to all of your burning questions. Our team tested deposit and withdrawal processes with a wide number of casinos. Those providers who delighted us with a smooth experience earned themselves the highest spot in our rankings.

Mobile Devices Support

Want to spin the reels on the go? Then a mobile casino is a must. The experts from Casino Rating Lists want you to enjoy your favorite pastime no matter which device you use. Therefore, we check if online casinos have mobile-friendly websites and proprietary apps. We test how well they work, if they seamlessly adjust to various screen sizes, and if they deliver an intuitive and modern interface.

Customer Support

Every reputable online casino has to provide professional and responsive customer support. If they fall short in this department, they don’t deserve your time and money. The best practices in customer support are the following:

Whilst we check that all of these criteria are met, we also want to make sure that support is carried out by real people. If we receive automated responses, this is a sign that a casino does not want to invest in the ultimate gambling experience. We don’t recommend operators sticking to this approach.

Our list of the best online casinos is made by gambling experts and avid players. It is updated all the time to reflect the current state of things on the ever-changing gambling market.